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"Video" - India Arie (Cover)

In my "Dom, Put A Verse On It" series, I honor some of my favorite musicians by adding a rap verse to one of their songs. India Arie's "Video" had a profound effect on me growing up, and I love her work. Check out this video, featuring my longtime collaborator, Jeremy Flegel.


"Crazytown" is an important song in my journey as an artist, writer, and producer. It's the first single I ever released on streaming services and represents the commitment I made to music both as a spiritual practice and my life's purpose. Filmed in my hometown, Oakland, California!

"The Morning Galaxy"

It's so important to remember how far we've come in our respective journeys. "The Morning Galaxy" was released in 2014 on Soundcloud and was my first music video ever. This was before I attended college to study music, and I was really just winging it. I always return to this song, though, because I was reaching for something more than what I had and it represents a passion for creating healing songs that I hope to always maintain.
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